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Information P6 and P7 Parents

Strathearn currently admits 110 girls each year into Year 8, and admission at this stage is conducted through the Transfer Offices of the Education and Library Boards.  The total enrolment number of the School is 770.

Transfer 2020 - Year 8 September 2021

Parents of pupils who are sitting the AQE assessments in Strathearn School will receive a letter detailing information regarding the Familiarisation Afternoon and other details by the end of November.  If you have not received anything by Friday 27 November please contact the school. 

AQE will send out the results of the assessments to parents to arrive on Saturday 6 March 2021.


Entrance Assessments Information for Parents of P6/P7 pupils

Strathearn is one of many Grammar schools where the result from the AQE Common Entrance Assessment will be an essential part of the admissions procedure for September 2021. Registration forms will be available via the following the link. Forms are also available from the School and have been sent to all Primary Schools. Below is some useful information for parents.

1. The assessments will be held on three Saturday mornings; 9, 16 and 23 January 2021.

2. In November, we will write to all parents whose children will be sitting the AQE in Strathearn with full details of the arrangements. Some of this is summarised below along with copies of the information that was sent out to parents.

3. Strathearn will be holding 2 information afternoons on Monday 7 December and Tuesday 8 December for all pupils who will be sitting the assessments in Strathearn. You will only need to attend one of these sessions, determined by which room your son/daughter will be sitting the test in - you will be informed of this when you receive your letter. Please note, parents will not be admitted to this session. On that afternoon pupils will be taken through the arrangements that will apply on each of the test mornings; that is, he/she will meet their invigilator, be taken to the desk assigned for him/her in the classroom in which he/she will be sitting each of the assessments and given practical information and get to ask questions. Pupils will not be sitting an actual practice assessment.


4. Pupils can sit the assessment at any of the participating Grammar schools – it does not matter where the assessment has been sat – that has no bearing as to which school the pupil may wish to apply for admission.

5. Parents must apply to AQE if they wish their son/daughter to sit the assessment. Applications forms will be available from Strathearn or any of the other Grammar schools, may be downloaded from the AQE website ( or from some of the Primary Schools. Completed forms must be sent to AQE – not to any of the schools – closing date 9 October 2020.

Information released by AQE may be downloaded using the following links:

A Guide for Parents

Assessment Specification

Assessment Format

Information on Special Access arrangements

Special Circumstances/Special Provision

If a candidate’s performance in the CEA has been affected by circumstances beyond his/her control or if he/she was not able to be present to sit the assessment, parents/guardians may wish to apply for Special Circumstances or Special Provision following the assessment. Information about the process may be obtained via the following links:

Special Circumstances and Provisions information
Application form SC19(SC20 will be available in due course)

Parents considering an application for Special Provision should contact the School as soon as possible and speak with Mrs White (PA to Principal).

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