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Pastoral Care

At Strathearn we aim to provide a caring environment for all our pupils and staff. Through this we offer pupils opportunities and support to set and achieve their personal, social and academic goals and thus gain maximum benefit from their time at school. Our pastoral structure  involves a large number of staff, for whom the well-being of each individual pupil in their care is important.

Procedures exist for the early identification of pupils requiring additional support and for the liaising with parents and, where necessary, external support agencies, to put this provision in place.

Please click here to view information on the pastoral care provision at Strathearn.




The school counselling service is provided by Family Works NI and is available to all pupils. 

Pupils who wish to refer themselve to the counselling service can do so by using the counselling button on their ipad or by clicking here:

School Counselling Referral Form

If a parent wishes to refer their child to the counselling service they should contact the appropriate form tutor or Head of Year who will guide them through the process of a parental referral. 



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