Strathearn School

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188 Belmont Road, Belfast, BT4 2AU, Northern Ireland | 028 9047 1595

School Aims

We aim to

  • Establish a climate based on mutual respect and consideration, where the needs of each learner are recognised and where all members of the community feel a strong sense of belonging
  • Value commitment, endeavour and excellence in all areas of school life
  • Provide a stimulating learning environment were each pupil has equal opportunities to develop her individual talents and abilities through the provision of a range of appropriate curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • Encourage pupils to share responsibility for their learning and behaviour and to develop initiative, independence and thinking skills which will enable them to adapt knowledge to new situations
  • Provide opportunities which allow pupils to develop interpersonal and communication skills to work together towards recognised goals
  • Encourage pupils to develop an understanding of their own culture and tradition and that of others, and to establish links with the local and wider community
  • Develop a meaningful partnership between home and family


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