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Password advice

If your password has stopped working it is likely that it has lapsed (over 120 days) or has locked due to incorrect sign in attempts


Outside school

Pupils can change their password HERE or via: then choose C2k School Services and then Change Your Password

Remember on a shared device to log out of your accounts before closing your web browser.


Inside school

Teachers can unlock pupil accounts and change passwords if there are still log in issues during school hours for pupils.

When you are logged on to a C2K worskstation you can change your password by pressing the following keys on the keyboard at the same time: CTRL + ALT & Delete


During school holidays when the school is staffed

Pupils can phone the school, confirm their details and ask for their password to be changed by who answers



The My School Website can tell you how many days until your password expires when you click on your profile picture on the top right

You should aim to change your password once a term

Your password must be at least 8 characters in length and ideally contain an upper case letter, lower case letters, and a number or symbol

Password last for 120 days and previous passwords cannot be reused.

Spaces before or after your username and password count so make sure there are none before logging in

The username must be correct for the password to work

Keep your password to yourself! (make a note in a safe place so you can check if you have problems)


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