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School iPad Information

What you need to know

Pupil AUP - There is a school Acceptable Use Policy to be signed and followed in order to be allocated a school iPad. The full document can be seen from the link above but some of the highlights to remember are below:

Photos and videos are to be taken and edited on the school device ONLY if instructed by teacher to do so in school OR outside of school

Any iPad faults should be reported to the ICT support Officer in person so suitable action can be taken and an authorisation form issued.

Only authorised Apple chargers must be used to ensure that no device damage occurs. If the charger is damaged or broken you will be required to replace it with an official Apple iPad charger yourself as per the AUP.

Appleid - We use Apple School Managed Appleid's which gives 200GB of storage space for backing up photos, videos, personal iPad settings and Apple files

Apple School Managed Appleid's do not allow direct access to the App Store - the Self-Service App gives access to install School purchased Apps allocated to the iPad / pupil to be installed when required

Remove Apps - once finished with Apps should be removed to free up space on the iPad

To add in your school email - use the Microsoft Outlook App for accessing your school email - your iPad will provide your username details when you go to use it for the first time

Jamf Parent - can be used by parents to lock down iPads to required apps for homework - unfortunatly it is an Apple only App. For more information on the JAMF Parent iOS App click here

iPad Maintenance

Keep your iPad up to date by installing the latest IOS or iPadOS updates:

In order to update you may need to free up space by removing apps, delete and delete again in the Deleted Items album in the Photos app any backed up photos and videos (see guidence below).

How to back up - click here for general backup steps

Use Settings -> General -> Storage to see what is taking up the most space on your iPad. You may also be able to Offload Unused Apps to free up space.

7 steps to free up iPad storage space  - click here for general guidance

Please click here to see the school iPad advice playlist on Youtube.


Returning the iPad

Before the lockdowns the pupil iPads would normally be taken back in over the summer and at the end of third form the iPads that are taken in would then be reused with the new 1st form pupils.

Before handing in an iPad for storage over the summer the following forms can be used to record the iPad is in full working order and all items are returned as required.

Pupils going into second or third year fill in this form. Leaving pupils or those going into form 4 fill out this form

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